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Gilbert have designed the Triflex Womens XP3 body armour, ideal for female club players to fulfil all their wishes on the field.  The Triflex Womens XP3 body armour has specialist shoulder and breast padding to provide the optimum defence mechanism when making contact.

In order to train and play to the ultimate level, players need bespoke fitting garments that give the player confidence instead of weighing them down. The Triflex technology, offers a closed-cell triangular foam padding system which moulds to the shape of the wearer to ensure the fit is comfortable and tailored to the individual.  

The Triflex Womens XP3 uses breathable base layer fabric which has the ability to stretch in multiple directions to aid mobility and assist movement. The duo polyester mesh offers moisture management by ensuring the player has a free air flow to the body to avoid overheating.

With sizes ranging from S-2XL, everyone has the ability to try the Triflex Womens XP3 as the ultimate security in the roughest of games.