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The Nepri trousers are bold and trendy and are packed with high-tech features. The trousers feature two convenient zipped side pockets with auto-lock slider, flat drawstring fastening, and a convenient rear pocked with reversed zip on the hems. The trousers are both lightweight and hard-wearing, and suitable for high-intensity training.

  • POLYDIAGONAL: This fabric combines the hot hand grinding process with a diagonal feature that bestows high elasticity to the fabric. The fabric was expressly studied for training garments giving a confortable fitting in every situation.
  • Fit: SLIM

Fit Guide

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Macron products have 3 different wearabilities: Body, Slim and Regular.
A bodysuit is a skin-tight garment that covers the body highlighting its contours. The lightweight and elasticity of the fabrics used facilitate movement. A bodysuit usually lends itself very well to sportswear.
The Slim line garments are quite tight fitting, not too tight and not too thick. These garments follow the contours of the body without constraining it which means they are comfortable.
The Regular fit line ensures a comfortable and generous fit thanks to the choice of cuts and fabrics.